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Spectator Code of Conduct
-Remember that rally cars can go out of stage route hence be dangerous for spectators
-Plan to be in your selected spectator zone at least 45 minutes before the start.
-Remember that the FIA Safety Delegate will inspect the stage and has the authority to cancel the stage if people are not standing in appropriate places
-Follow marshalls’ instructions and respect their warnings
-Pay attention to the signage and colour coded tapes in the rally areas
-Do not walk on the rally stage !
-Always stay alert as rally cars can d unexpected things
-Refrain from usage of alcohol as it slows down your reflexes
-Always pick up your rubish and dispose of them in designated areas

Spectator Zones

Stay tuned …

Information about spectator zones will be available by the end of June.

Shuttle services will be organised for each spectator zone. The schedule and departure points of the shuttles will be available by the end of August.

Usage of Drones

Please beware that usage of drones of any size is prohibited in any part of the event, not only on stages but also in the service park area.
Marshalls have the authority to ground any drones during the event and the stage can be stopped in case of unauthorised drones flying. DJI being the global partner of the WRC Promoter has the sole right to fly drones.