Rally Turkey | WRC

Service Flash B

Date:   Friday, September 14th

Day:              1          

Flash N°: 2

Service:      B (Asparan)






“We expected the dust and it was there. We need to be ready to face rough conditions for

this afternoon. Grip should be better for us now. It is going to be a tricky afternoon.”



“Not great. We lost the intercom momentarily. Dan was fiddling with the cable and then we

got caught out in the dust and we had a spin. I could not see anything. Then, on the stage

after, we had a transmission problem and we lost drive. There were certain settings we

could have to get through and we did that.”


M-Sport Ford’s Richard Milliner said:

“We saw the car pull away and we knew there was a major problem. There is quite some

severe damage to the rear differential. We should be able to change that in the 30-minute

service. He was able to nurse the car back. I guess we were the first team to fall foul of

the new event. We will change the whole of the rear assembly, cross-members and rear

corners. We will then strip down the parts that are okay and we can use them again.”



“It’s a good feeling. It feels good. After two rallies where we were struggling it’s nice to be

at the front. We will try and foresee which corners will be very rough. We also have to use

our eyes. Rocks can pull out.”



“They will change the tyres and we will work on the pace notes in the corners where we

were optimistic this morning!”




Toyota Gazoo Racing’s Tommi Mäkinen said:

“It seems to be tough. I am a bit surprised the tyre wear was not what we were thinking

before the rally. Of course there is a long way to go and it will be rougher and more rocks

in the afternoon. I think it is okay at the moment. We struggle a little with the grip level. We

did good work with cooling package and that seems to be no trouble any more. I would

say we need to concentrate more on suspension behaviour in rough conditions.



Retired confirmed on SS2 with broken front left suspension.



Stopped in SS2.